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Hire A Security Guard

Hire A Security Guard

hire a security guardOur security guards can be found throughout New York City office buildings, apartment buildings, retail stores, and live events. Our company also have extensive experience providing executive protection and vip security using highly qualified protection specialists.

Our male and female agents offer the skill sets, appearance and demeanor appropriate to any assignment. All of our agents are trained medical first responders.

For our celebrity clients, we provide agents familiar with the culture of the entertainment community.

For clients whose cultural and religious beliefs require special staffing, we can post male or female operatives as needed.

Our approach strongly depends on proper logistical planning, a properly prepared risk/threat analysis, and constant review of relevant intelligence information. Our specialists receive tactical and weapons training form our Chief Training Officer. They are all well-trained in unarmed combat and defensive tactics and have years of experience and training in all levels of law enforcement. They are well-versed in handling crowds, making arrests, performing liaison functions with the police and taking appropriate actions to avoid confrontation.

We maintain excellent contacts with law enforcement and intelligence agencies both at home and abroad and can provide for your protective needs in almost every part of the world. Our specialists are conversant in English, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Thai and Chinese (multiple dialects).

If you’re looking for a specific type of security guard we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation, please call 212.285.2400